Sunday, June 27, 2010

Branson Vacation Day 3

Day three in Branson started with getting our family pics taken.
And, no, these aren't them.

These are pics of us sitting around waiting to get our family pictures taken. I was bored. Big Cedar is absolutely beautiful. This is a pic of the gift shop. I don't remember what restaurant this belonged to, but it was beautiful. After our session was done I snapped some pics of the kids. And then I remembered I hadn't shown you our new sunglasses yet. I mentioned to husband that he looked like Top Gun in those shades and Bear heard. He decided he wanted to be 'Top Gun's Son".

He has no clue who Top Gun is. =) Another fabulous building. I love this style of architecture. Top Gun.

Or Hot Stuff.

Both work. Princess was not in the best mood. Then it was time for K.K. to head back to Kamp. Good-bye, K.K.. We love you! After pics we went back to the condo and I felt compelled to take a picture of the little fish that had our room numbers on it.

Hello, little fish. We ate lunch at a restaurant that serves fabulous hamburgers. And Bear enjoyed a stare. And I snapped more pictures while we waited for our food.

Surprise, surprise. Hello, goofball. If I'm all stealthy and take his picture when he isn't aware than he doesn't stick his tongue out at me.

Though, I'm not sure how stealthy I really was seeing as how I was sitting right next to him.

Apparently, it has nothing to do with my stealthiness and everything to do with whether or not he has something more pressing on his mind at the time.

And I thought it was all about me. Goodness, she is such a cutie.The Babione 6 girls and Mr. Goofball. Now you all can see where my children get it. Bobo tried on my sunglasses. Notice his glasses on top of them. =) We tried riding the horse but all it did was eat our quarters and then just sit there.

After lunch we headed to the movie theater. The three women and the four children went to see Shrek 4... 3D!!! While the two men went to see Iron Man 2.

Then we cooked dinner at the condo and tried to swim, though a thunderstorm rolled in just as we got to the pool so we literally got in and then got right back out again. This did not go over well with Princess.

So the kids 'swam' in Tamtam and Grandpa's jacuzzi tub instead. It was a wonderful vacation! Thank you, mom and dad, for inviting us!

We loved it!

And we love you!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Basketball practice

Yesterday Bear was playing basketball. He made some long shots.And made some misses.
He also ran to the goal and threw it in.He missed a few shots.He wanted to go outside.
He ran to the ball wen he missed it.I think I know why he wanted to play basketball.
The kids got a new netflix movie called Space Jam.It has basketball,and Michael Jordan to.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Branson Vacation Day 2

Tuesday morning we woke up, ate breakfast, and headed to the pool again. Did I mention that swimming was the most looked forward to activity of the Babione children?

Well, it was.

After spending our morning swimming we ate some pizza for lunch. The kiddos ate on the balcony. Then everyone took showers and got all gussied up because we were scheduled to have family pictures taken that afternoon. However, a thunderstorm rolled in so our pictures got rescheduled. We had to find something to fill our time. So the girls took pictures of themselves.

Surprise, surprise.(This is only one of MANY, but I don't want to bore you with tons of silly pictures of us. And, yes, we are standing in front of the bathroom mirror and I'm holding the camera out to the side and hoping for the best.)

Then AJ swiped my camera and had some fun herself.
Silly girl. But don't her nails look fabulous?
Then we watched some t.v. with Dad, but that wasn't really holding our attention so we decided to take some more pictures.
Imagine that. Yes, those are my toes and AJ's toes. Seriously, there are only so many pictures you can take of your smiling mug. And as a side note, I used to be terribly self conscious about my toes. I wouldn't wear open-toed sandals for anything. My uncle made fun of how long they were once and I was convinced that everyone thought my toes were ridiculous.
However, I'm over that now. As proven by my ability to post a picture of my toes on the WORLD WIDE WEB.
WORLD WIDE, people.
Anywho. We grew tired of that so I started taking pictures of other people. Starting with my Dad. And that's what he thought of me taking his picture. I love you, too, Dad. Then I bothered Husband in our room which had a sleeper sofa (along with a kind sized bed and small kitchenette ) and it's own t.v. And, believe it or not, all the other pictures I took of us two were actually worse than this one.
Yes, it's possible. Even with my fancy camera.
The two little ones were hanging out on the balcony with KK watching the clouds. My lands this one is cute. There was a balcony off the living room and off our bedroom. There was a divider between the two that you could fit around if you squeezed. The kids loved going back and forth. Apparently, I said something hilarious. I'm sure it was me who said it and not someone else because everyone tells me I'm the funny one in the family.
Everyone. Even in Branson we pull out the 'Go Pokes!' It really is universal! My beautiful mother. I love you, mom!
When it was time, we headed to Fudrucker's for dinner. And I bet you can never guess what we did while we waited for our food.
Can't guess?
I knew you wouldn't figure it out.
We took more pictures, of course!!!
See, I knew you would know it once I told you. But then a terrible thing happened. My sister, KK, (the blonde one above) stole my camera and started snapping away.
It is one thing to have to see your face when you are sitting up straight, sucking in, have brushed down your hair, and are smiling pretty. But did she allow me to do all those things?
No! Of course not. Because she is mean and hateful and doesn't love me. And this is what I see when I download my pictures from my camera. Heaven's people!!! Is this what I really look like?
Bless my husband's heart!
And anyone else who has to sit through one of my stories! Oh dear...
It's the ugly laugh.
I'm so very sorry, world. Really, I am!
OK, I've come up with a solution...whenever I am so inclined to tell a story I will forewarn everyone and therefore you all can either close your eyes or look away.
Whew. Problem solved. Now see, this is what I'm talking about. Hair in place, sucking gut in, sticking lower jaw out just enough to not be noticeable, but enough to lessen double chin and smiling.
I should have my facial muscles glued in this position. As we were leaving I snapped this pic of KK. Unfortunately, even when she looks goofy she's cute so I will never ever be able to get her back. Argh. And Husband wants everyone to know that he is reserved for to go orders.
I have no idea what that means.
After Fudrucker's we headed to the outlet mall. Every year my dad buys my mom some new running shoes.
And while they were in the Reebok store Husband, Princess, and Popeye and I went looking for some sunglasses. And we found some.
Then we were off to the main attraction of the night. The Haygood's Show. Husband was very excited. Mom counted the tickets. (She's a math teacher. It's what they do.)
And I kept snapping away. Popeye decided to sit on my lap for most of the show. After the show, we purchased the DVD of the show and waited for the Haygoods to come out to the lobby to sign the case. The two biggest brothers didn't sign autographs in the line, but the other six did. Princess didn't want to shake any hands, but she was happy. It was another wonderful day of vacation.
This last picture is of our lodge sign when we got home from the show. Not really necessary, but I thought it was cool. Bridget