Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend Pt. 1

On Saturday we left A-town and headed toward the NJCAA World Series. On our way we saw this beautiful little cloud visiting with our "mountain". The kids loved it and so I had to snap a pic.
The cloud looked thicker in person. It was really cool.
When we got to David Allen Memorial Ballpark the game before ours was still going. The game before it went extra innings, then the game before ours went all nine (they have run rules in junior college baseball) and so we ate pizza on the upper deck while we waited. If you'll notice the baseball team around home plate, they had just won with a walk off grand slam. Exciting stuff.

So cute in matching hats.

Of course sister wanted to be in the picture too. I have no idea why she is making a peace sign. Or where she learned it.

Now, we've moved down to behind the dugout. We were home team so we were down the third base line. Our team is warming up.

Things are about to begin. The kids are leaning on the top of the dugout. They loved being so close to the team.

I tried taking a picture of RC in the press box. Not a good pic at all but if you click on it then you can see the red circle I put around RC to help you know which one was him. And no, I didn't blur the people out on purpose since I don't have their expressed permission to post their pic on my blog. I was serious when I said it was a bad picture.

It's finally starting!!! The game ended around 11:30. We won in seven innings because of the run rule. If one team leads by ten after five innings the game is over. If one team leads by eight after seven innings the game is over. One of our boys hit a two run homer in the bottom of the seventh to give us the eight point lead and the win.
The kids did really good being up so late. Popeye even mastered a new trick.

And I tried to get a better picture of Hubs. Not great but doesn't he look official? (He's the one in the green shirt.)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Photo Shoot and New Blog Look

We spent time outside this evening taking pictures.
I set up my tripod. Coordinated the kids as best as possible. Told them where to sit. Then started snapping.
They are hams!

Princess and Bear are getting bored. They need new inspiration. Bobo and Popeye, however, are endless wells of ideas.
When my sisters and I would fight, mom would make us touch noses till we weren't mad anymore. What is it about being close to someone that is so funny? Her boys. When she is apart from them she will ask, "Where my boys go?"
Such a lady. You make Mama proud, Princess.
Now, that's better.
Seriously, I know they're mine, but couldn't you just eat them up?
Yes, this was my idea.
Make sure you see Popeye in this one.
Also, hope you enjoy the new blog look. It was past time for a spring picture of Babione6.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Red Light, Green Light

We had to get out this afternoon and take RC his work shirt and some lunch. Then we took some moola (aka: money) to the bank. On our way there I had a thought with the help of Popeye.

It went something like this:

We were stopped at a red light. However, there was no other traffic and so Popeye said, from the back seat, "You can go, Mama." I in turn explained to him that I could not go because despite the fact that there were no other cars in the way, the light was still red.

Then my wheels started turnin'.

You see, in my personal experience, there have been times when to others it looks as though I should be going. My circumstances are less then ideal and life is hard. To many it looks as though I should be doing something about it. Making things happen.

But the thing is, through seeking God, I feel He is holding up a red light. I could be doing something to change my circumstances but it would be in my own power and strength. It would be with my own limited knowledge and understanding. So while it appears to be the time to be 'doing something', it is, in fact, the time to be waiting. Waiting for God to give me the green light.

And the surprising thing about waiting is that God accomplishes infinitely more than I ever could. In me and in my circumstances. Waiting is trusting God to not only provide for now, but to work on my behalf for the future. Waiting is faith in action.

Just as going is faith in action. And therein lies the rub. We must seek God to know whether the light is red or green.

I want to live a Divinely Led life. One where my choices are made from a place of desiring and knowing Jesus deeply.

Being willing to wait when the light is red and having the faith to go when the light is green no matter what the circumstances.

Because my Jesus is trustworthy. And faithful. And my very great reward.

Oh, to know Him,

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Today will go down in history as...

...the day he learned to mow!!!

Practicing in the back yard with mom close by.

Our mower is broken and doesn't self propel now so it's kinda hard to push. He got a good workout.
Practicing in the front yard all by himself.

I'm actually standing in our entryway so he had no idea I was taking these.

Can you believe he's already 10? It blows my mind.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Popeye's T-ball Scrimmage

Last night was fun. Popeye had a t-ball scrimmage...

Princess collected rocks in her empty Gatorade bottle...

Then put them in the top of this post...

Then put more rocks into her Gatorade bottle...

While Bobo (red shirt) and Bear (white shirt & black cap) played a game...

of freeze tag...

with the other kids there to support their brothers...

while Popeye got on first and then...

got on second and then...
well...he scored but I didn't get a pic of that.

Last night was fun.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hey, Hey, Hey

I really don't have time to be on here right now. Spaghetti is cooking, kids are playing.

Popeye has a scrimmage tonight at 6:30.

Then Bobo has practice at 8:30.


Seeing as how we won't be getting home till after 9:30 I find it highly unlikely for me to be posting after all the baseball. And since I told my sister I would update today I figured I should get on here and get it done.

Kara Bear, I love you.

And next post:
Dancing With the Stars. Where have you been all my life?


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gardens and Baseball

This mushroom isn't technically in our garden. It's in our yard. Actually, it's not in our yard anymore because my FIL mowed on Sunday and I'm sure it didn't make it. But I wanted to take a picture of it anyway. My mushroom.
The same day that we planted our seeds in our new flower beds is the same day that it started raining and hasn't stopped. I don't think our other seeds made it, but these are our sunflowers. The giant kind. I'm so excited to see them grow and flower. The kids are excited too.

Bear finally had his first practice Saturday morning. It was windy and cold. But he loved it.
He practiced second, left field, and batting.

Miss Thing posing.

No, I don't have on any makeup. Leave me alone.

I love it when they play together so nicely. They are so cute.
Hubs and Bobo spent the weekend in Enid. The WOSC baseball team is in the playoffs and RC went to call the games for KQ 106. He loves calling ball. He took Bobo and they had a blast. Stayed in a hotel, saw Star Trek, swam in the indoor pool, bought Bobo a new book in his favorite series, ate pizza for breakfast, Dad all to himself. Pretty much Heaven on earth for a 10 year old boy.
The rest of us took it easy at home. Nice quiet weekend.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Quick Trip to Chicken Town

So, if you haven't noticed, my blog is once again public. My quick trip to chicken town (aka private blog) is over. Many reasons, none I will explain.

But the real purpose behind this post is to tell you of our real quick trip to Chicken Town. RC had a baseball game to call (he does the play-by-play) in Chicken Town and, seeing as there are many loved ones there, the kids and I decided to tag along.
We left today at noon and returned this evening about 8:30. Quick Trip. But good.

This is the scene behind my parent's house. Fun pics with the kids.
Trying to copy her brother.
Cutie pie.
Sweetie Pie.