Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Swimming in a Sea of Orange

On Saturday, Bobo and I got to use my parent's tickets and attend the Oklahoma State football game. Just me and him.
We first went to the Student Union and walked around. Then we met some family friends at their tailgate.

After that we met up with Kara where she was selling programs.
Finally, we walked all the way around the new stadium.

He's a natural. At smiling!

The new stadium is beautiful. And big.
On our way to our seats we stopped by the concession stand. He wanted the turkey leg.
Me and Bobo. I was seriously planning to photo shop my zit off, but decided not to for two reasons.
1. I have too many other things to be doing.
2. I often talk about being transparent on this here blog. It doesn't get much more transparent than leaving my HUGE zit on these pictures.
The team running onto the field! It's about to start!
The band. I'm sure this is the same at all college football games, but I didn't grow up going to all college football games. I grew up going to Oklahoma State college football games. Anyhoo, the band plays the same songs after every touchdown or field goal. And, of course, there is audience participation parts in those songs. Bobo was starting to get it down by the end of the game.
I don't know what this club is called, but Kara was telling me that you actually have to apply to be a part of it. They sit on the first row and pound the wall with some sort of orange stick. They're quite loud.
The cheerleaders. They are still doing some of the same dances they did when I was growing up. I used to watch the cheerleaders instead of the game and I almost had some of those dances down.
There were 56,911 people there. It's a school record. Also, notice how we are level with the tops of the trees. That's high people.
Kara joined us when she was done. And she brought cotton candy!
He would eat on the turkey leg for a while, then set it down for a while, then eat for a while, then set it down for a while, etc. He left no meat on the bone.
It was getting close to the end of the game and the stadium was starting to clear out.
So we decided to take a few more pictures of ourselves.
Trying to get the perfect shot.
Giving up on the perfect shot.
Getting silly.
Cracking ourselves up.
There you go. That's better.
Our seats were right next to this. Oh, and btw, that's Bobo's 'Pistol Pete gun'. We told him later that you actually just use one finger and your thumb.
Remember: he's thinking Pistol Pete, not gangsta.
Ummm, maybe I was wrong.
Seriously, when I asked him about it, he said he was doing Pistol Pete. My son's understanding of Pistol Pete is rather limited. I'll get to work on that.
Me and Bobo at the "best birthday of all my time!"

My Muse

While the boys were sketching the courthouse last week I snapped some pics of Princess.

She wanted to show off her skilz.

Thankfully she was in a picture taking mood.

Or maybe it was a 'having mommy's attention' mood.

Whichever it was, it was a goofy mood.

My muse.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sketching the Court House

Last Wednesday, we headed to the square to sketch the court house. The weather was beautiful and the kids were excited.

Our court house has a nice little court yard right in front so we had a great view. The boys got to sketching right away.

We purchased clip boards for just this thing when we were buying our school supplies. They work wonderfully.

Princess had to wait her turn because I left her pencil in the van.

Bobo, very focused.

Popeye decided he needed a different view.

Princess is checking on him.

Bear is done. He sat next to me on the bench to wait.

While I had him close we talked about the different Greek columns. I showed him a picture with the different columns on it and we discovered that the columns on the court house are ionic columns.
Princess is now using Bear's pencil and hard at work.

She didn't want to take a picture with her brothers, but as soon as they were done she ran up for hers.
Bobo is still sketching. He's taking this seriously.
As is Popeye. Though now he has moved to the bench for yet another vantage point.
I love the determination on his face in this pic.
Ohp. He had to move one more time.
Now he's done. I think we might have an architect on our hands.
Bobo actually finished before Popeye, but I didn't think to take his picture till I took Popeye's.
And Princess wouldn't let us leave without taking her pic too. At the top of the steps, of course.