Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I had forgotten what this feels like...

...being sick, that is. Yup, round numero cinco. We are moved and I had hoped to have some pics of the new digs up by now. However, my body had other plans. Princess is still down as well. Yesterday was probably her worst day, but she is better today and as long as she keeps improving we won't be taking her to the doctor. But as soon as she seems worse we are there. Suffice it to say, I don't have much energy for blog writing. Thanks for being patient with me. I promise, I will invite you all to the new place soon. Love, Bridge *I don't know why blogger is putting my post in this way. This is not the way I wrote it (all in one paragraph) you guys know I don't write like that, even when I'm partially out of it due to sickness. Whatever.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Going Four Rounds

Popeye started his fever on Sunday.

Bobo started his fever on Monday.

Bear started his fever on Tuesday.

Princess started her fever this morning.

It seems to hang around for three days and then is gone. All have congested coughs, runny noses, and aches. And like most coughs, they seem to linger longer.

But, in better news: R.C.'s parents fly in today! WAHOO!!

Things are about to get crazy. We move on Saturday and Toby and Brenda move on Sunday. And while I should be busy packing things and organizing things I can't seem to get anything done. Does anyone else do that? Like the day before you are going to be really busy do you just sort of shut down? My mind just turned off yesterday. I literally accomplished nothing but meals and a shower.

Today, however, is go, go, go.

We are taking a friend to her doctors appointment, picking up Ronny and Susan from the airport, taking R.C. some lunch, picking up some pictures from Walgreens (have to have a pic of the cat and dog for the landlords), and picking up Brenda's kids from school.

I am putting the travel tv in the car. We are going to spend most of the day there. And, sick kids can sleep or chill in a car just as easy as they can sleep or chill at home.

I hope to keep posting during the move, but I'm not sure when our internet is getting turned on. So this might be adieu for a bit.

See you on the other side. =)


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Love of Our Life

R.C. and I celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary today.

Our marriage began with the odds stacked against us. I'm sure few thought we would ever make it 13 years.

Our marriage is a miracle. Neither R.C. nor I claim to have anything to do with making this work.

But one thing I know: We have found the Love of our life.

And it is not each other.

I am not the Love of R.C.'s life.

He is not the Love of mine.

Our soul mate is another, and His name is Jesus.

We are madly in love with our Lord. And He is madly in love with us.

And it is His Love that makes us madly in love with each other. Christ in R.C. is completely captivating to me. I am passionately attracted to Him.

And the more I know Him, the more I love him.

And today I am even more smitten then I was the day we said 'I do'.

Christ is All.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News

We move into our new place on Saturday. Life is very busy with all the things that go with moving.

It is also very busy with sick kids.


Brenda's son was sick all weekend. Fever. Sore throat. Aches.

Popeye started his fever last night.

Bobo started his this morning.

And Bear, while not running a fever, "doesn't feel well. I am coughing and stuff."

So, this morning, the boys are laying in bed watching movies, while Princess and I take care of moving stuff.

At least I can pack boxes instead of doing school.

Oh, and R.C.'s parents are flying in on Thursday to help!

Thank You, Lord!


Friday, March 18, 2011

Turner Field

When we made the trek from Oklahoma to Florida we decided to break it up a bit. And since the Atlanta Braves were having a series at home we figured that was a great place to stop and stay awhile.

Well...two days awhile.

We bought R.C., Bobo, and Princess Braves t-shirts. Bear and Popeye were disappointed, but they already had baseball t-shirts in the right colors so we made do. And I, of course, wore whatever I wanted. (Don't worry, it was navy. I still represented.)
We got to the game plenty early. The stadium is beautiful and the atmosphere was exciting. R.C. has been a Braves fan for a very long time. He has been to a handful of Braves games, but never one at Turner Field. This was a big day.
And let me give you a little more perspective on our love for the Braves. We took this picture of Dale Murphy's number because our precious little nephew is named after him. And not just that, but his first name is also after another old Braves player. David Justus and Dale Murphy: meet Justus Dale. =)

I'm completely serious, people. Ask his mother.
The weather was gorgeous and we had great seats. This was the last home series of the season and because the manager, Bobby Cox, was retiring they were running a special. We couldn't pass it up.Our seats were so good that they actually had "waiters" for our section. They handed us menus and then would take our orders. The food was delivered to us at our seats. The waiters were available till the 8th inning. It was awesome! Here is Bobby receiving some special gift. It will be different next year not seeing him in the dugout. Have I told you how awesome my camera is? =)(check out the ball in the upper right corner) Here's another just to make sure you understand.The stadium wasn't too full, but it was a weekday, afternoon game. That's to be expected. And we actually enjoyed it not being crazy packed. The kids really enjoyed the game. I took this picture to get the WELCOME TO TURNER FIELD. HOME OF THE ATLANTA BRAVES. See, people. I wore navy. I have been to three Atlanta Braves baseball games before this one. One in Dallas and two in Houston. It really is different when it is a home game. Once again, a shout out to my camera.
Popeye looks precious in this picture, but you have to notice Bear, too. Hehe.This is the closer, Wagner. They make such a big deal over the closers when they come out of the bull pen. It really is something. I thought it was cool that I could get a picture of him in motion and his name on fire. Oh, and I have no idea what his first name is and I only remembered his last name bc it is in the picture. A girl can only go so far in supporting her husband"s team. Especially now that they aren't on TBS everyday.
According to this part of the fence the Brave's organization is "the longest continuously operating franchise in Major League Baseball". That's pretty cool. And we capped the day off with a win! I know that most of you who read my blog get on here to see the kiddos. So, here you go. We got into Atlanta the night before. We slept late that morning, had lunch at Chic-fil-a, (thank goodness for restaurants with playgrounds) and then spent the rest of the day at Turner Field.
It was a great experience and I'm so glad we took the time to do it.


Too Cool (or Hot)

I took this picture right before we moved to Florida. We were driving from our house to my parent's house an hour and a half away. We were on the interstate going 70 miiles per hour. I rolled down my window, zoomed in as close as I could, and snapped away as R.C. sped past.

Pretty cool, no?

Anyone else have an awesome camera out there?


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lungs Getting Stronger

My friend Drayton is teaching me how to run longer and getting my lungs stronger. It is really fun. Sometimes when I don't want to run to my limit away from my house to the other we would catch the baseball. Every time I miss the ball I chase it. That gets my lungs stronger. Soon my lungs will get as strong as his. Then I will be able to run alot longer and better. It is really fun to play with my friend. He is even teaching me to trust my body more. He teaches me to jump longer and jump off higher places. Not to high though. That is all I have to say. Bye.


Heart Break

Our cat has taken a "lover".

Kidding. As far as we know they are just "friends".

Toby and Brenda have a cat. His name is Mike and he is "part dog".

Kidding again. As far as we know he is "all cat".

Anywho...Milli and Mike have taken a liking to each other since we "moved in". It took some time and some persistence on Mike's part, but he finally won Milli "over".
And just the other day we caught them "holding paws".
Yup. "Holding paws".

You can click on the photo to make it "bigger".
We don't know what they're gonna do when we "move out". I'm sure we're gonna have to have "play dates" with them. I just hope Milli isn't too "heartbroken".
(yes, I'm in a silly mood. My cat's love life is funny to me.)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We love the library(s)

A huge benefit to living in a larger city when you home school is the libraries. We have one about one mile away from us. This won't change when we move bc we are literally moving around the corner.

Last week, Josh needed a poetry book for Language Arts. The library closest to us had it, but you couldn't check it out. We just stayed at the library that day and did LA there. However, his poetry unit is a few weeks long and I knew that we couldn't go to the library every day for LA. Big city hoopla here. One of the other libraries in town had it and would let us check it out.

We are in our fourth year of homeschooling. Our first three years were spent in Small Town, USA. While we visited the library often, it wasn't the best resource for school. The libraries here are blowing our minds. =) We all find books to enjoy. And the two little ones really enjoy sitting at a table and looking through their books while the bigger ones are hunting certain books down. We easily spend an hour just picking out books.
Bobo is on the third book in a series called The Tapestry by Henry H. Neff. He loves to read. Bear is starting to enjoy reading more. He is good at reading, but would rather be doing something more active. He's my mover. Popeye is picking up reading as well. He isn't as confident in it as he is in math, but he loves learning and gets really excited when he realizes he can read a new book. Princess is desperately ready to read. She brings her school workbooks to me and cries if we can't do school right then.
I got two decorating books (I can't stop), a book on manners, a book on homeschooling (you can never know enough), and a book on style. I've already read the book on style (we went on Monday) and I'm glad to report that I just happen to have most of the basics you shouldn't live without. I also, by chance, found two DVDs that teach french for kids. I'm totally going to use them. And I'll make the kids watch them too so I have people to speak french with.
Until I go to France someday.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brady Bunch, Babez Style

For the last 5 1/2 months we have been sharing a house with another family. Toby and Brenda have two kids, a son age 13 and a daughter age 10. Hubs and Toby have known each other since they were 5 and Brenda and I met through our husbands in 2007. We are now family.

Combining two unrelated families has been hard, but we have gotten to know each other and more importantly, Christ, so much more through this experience. When you live with others it is very easy to see their issues. It is harder to look past those issues, knowing they have been buried with Christ, and to see Christ within them instead. Especially when their issues directly affect you.

But that is one of the many lessons we have learned in this season. Not perfectly, mind you, but learned more of. Christ wants us to see Him in others, because He is who his father sees in us.

Anywho...this is how we worked things out furniture wise in our 2400 sq ft house.

This is the kitchen and family room. Brenda's dining table fits in the 'eat in' area and our table, sofa, china cabinet, and our recliner, plus theirs all fits. And this way the kids eat at one table while the adults eat at the other (neither of us has a table that can seat 10) and we are all eating in the same room.
My dining table sits in front of the fire place. The fire place is two sided which worked out wonderfully at Christmas time because each family got to hang their stockings from one of the mantles. It actually got cold enough here in sunny Florida to have a fire going a few times this past winter. This is the other side of the fire place. Brenda's sectional fits perfectly in what I think is supposed to be the formal living room. It worked out for both families to have their living room furniture in the house. When we moved here both husbands were working for New York Life. The office was set up in the dining room. Now neither husband works for NYL, but the dining room still works great as the office. The four adults hang out in here alot together. Princess and Brenda's daughter share a room. No, it's not usually this messy. Our three boys and Brenda's son share the master bedroom. Beware of the master bathroom
Then, Toby and Brenda have a bedroom and R.C. and I have a bedroom. Four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, two living spaces, two dining spaces, and a big office have worked great for us. There is also a sun room, but it is now the 'garage sale stuff' and 'packing boxes stuff 'room so I didn't take a picture of it. Also, the garage is FULL.
When we moved in we didn't expect it to last this long. However, now it feels like it was just the blink of an eye. We have had ups and downs, but it has all been worth it. And we will leave this season knowing our Lord more, and loving our friends more.
Our Lord is so faithful.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Florida update

Hello e-world!

It is good to be back.

It is mid-march and things are changing around here.

1. Husband has a new job that he started two weeks ago and he is loving it.

2. We are moving out of 'the compound' by the end of March.

We are super excited about these new changes and I am super excited to get settled and to get back to sharing our life with you here at Babione 6. It is suprisingly hard to share things when everything is up in the air. So, sorry for the absence. I have missed you.

Talk to you again soon,