Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Championships pt. 2

Bobo competed in the League Championships on Friday. We lost. The pitcher for the other team pitched a perfect game. We were Regular Season Champs and Tournament Runner-up, and the other team was Regular Season Runner-up and Tournament Champs. Funny.

Bear didn't make it past the first round of the playoffs. He did hit a nice pop fly over short for a double, though.

Popeye's little t-ball team was third for the regular season. Remember there were 17 t-ball teams. They came from behind in the bottom of the fourth (final) inning to win the semi-finals. They lost the finals and since they had to play both the semi's and the finals the same evening, Popeye was pretty tired and emotional. Lots of crying about things other than the loss.

It was a great baseball season. Like always, I'm gad it's over. Ready for a break from baseball. The boys, however, are already practicing for next year. They have decided they want to be pitchers. We have a pitching net they have been practicing on and a batting pole. If they stick with it, next year could be interesting.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Championship, Baby!


We're going to the championship game!!!!

Bobo's team won their semifinals game tonight 7-3. Bobo was 1 for 2 on the night. He hit a pop fly that landed right behind second and struck out. He also fielded a hard hit ball to center with a clean throw to second to keep the runner at first. Obviously the rest of the team played great too, but you probably don't know any of them so I'll stop there.

Tuesday night in the quarter finals Bobo was 2 for 2. He is hitting in the lead off position and hit the ball down the third baseline and beat the throw to first. Then in his second at-bat he again hit the ball down the third baseline. The throw to first was off and he slid into second on a hit and an error. They won that game 8-1.

Tomorrow's game is gonna be exciting. The team we are playing is the only team we've lost to this season and they have beat us twice. Yet we had the best regular season record.

In T-ball, Popeye's team plays tomorrow night. If they win they will be 2nd for the regular season or 3rd if they lose. There are 17 t-ball teams. 17!!! They are doing an A bracket and a B bracket for the playoffs. We haven't even played almost half the teams. Crazy. But personally, I think it's kinda crazy to have t-ball playoffs. Again, I'll stop there.

And Bear. Still no wins this season. They play their first playoff game on Saturday and you just never know what can happen. Maybe we'll get'em this time.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunflowers and Stuff

Remember these?
And then these? OK, so I never actually posted a picture of these on here before, but you feel me, right?
Well, now they're these. Nice, huh? They haven't bloomed yet but they are getting big. Nothing else in the flower beds made it and now they are filling up with grass and looking rather rough, but my sunflower's are doing great.
In other news, Bobo's baseball team finished first in the regular season. The playoffs are next week. Popeye's team has a good chance for first, too, but they have two more games to play. Bear's team hasn't won a game yet. Total bummer. But he's taking it like a champ.
The year I remember playing softball we didn't win any games except the one we played against my best friend's team. She went to my grandparent's house with me and we both missed the game. The one game I wasn't at we won, and the one game she wasn't at they lost. Funny, right?
Not so much.
I'll be back soon with kamp and vaca pics.
Hope everyone is doing great!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Memorial Weekend Pt. 2 & 3

Pt. 1 here

Pt. 2
So after a late night we hoped for a late morning. Unfortunately, the kids did not. Their internal clocks woke up right on time. So, while RC got showered I took the kids down to the indoor pool for a swim.

After Bobo and Bear practiced diving we got dressed and loaded up. A quick bite at Taco Bueno, then a quick trip to Old Navy, and we started the 2 hr. drive to Boomer Sooner for Molly's 30th Birthday Party.

We ate dinner, cake, and pickles, yes pickles, and then opened presents. After which we headed 30 min. to Chicken Town to fall asleep at my parent's house.

Pt. 3
Monday morning we awoke early, this time on purpose, and loaded up. We were on a mission.

We drove the 2 1/2 hrs north to David Allen Memorial Ballpark so Hubs could call game two for the WOSC Pioneers. This time the game was in the afternoon and it was hot. It was the first game of the day and there weren't many people yet.

I sat in the shade the whole game. I'm no silly. Princess made some friends who had smart parents that brought toys.

Hubs looking official again. He's the first person from the right in the press boxes with no glass.
The Pioneers lost big. They were actually run ruled in the 8th. Bummer.

Then we got to drive 3 1/2 hrs home. On the way this is what we drove into. We actually had to pull over in Burns Flat because the walls of water and hail hitting our car made it impossible to see. Thankfully, it was a small storm and it passed quickly.
Needless to say we were tired. It was a fun weekend but I was completely useless on Tuesday.
Just writing this post is making me tired thinking about how tired we were.
I'm going to take a nap now.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


We are in our second week of baseball here at Babione6. They boys all ended up having the same team color as the color they chose for their shoes. And each has their favorite color for their team color. So fun. I took this first picture after the games last night. That is why everyone is so dusty.

Popeye posing. He looks so good in his uniform! And he knows it.

Bear lookin good. His team is off to a slow start but he is having fun!

Princess during Bear's game.

Mema and Granddad came down last Tuesday and went to the games with us. Then they stayed at the Lodge and had lunch with us on Wednesday. It was a great visit and I thought this was a cute picture.
Things are speeding up around here. The big boys go to kamp next week then we go on vacation the week after that. Then it's home for more baseball.
I am making the boys finish their school books this year so we are still doing some schoolwork everyday. They are down to two subjects each and will both be done with one more by the end of this week.
Things are good here.