Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"I'd like to be the ideal mother, but I'm too busy raising my kids." ~Unknown

Sorry, again, that I didn't post yesterday. Nothing really to talk about. We took it easy and just did the minimum. Our weekend was very busy so we all needed the rest. What day am I on anyway? Posting everyday is rather hard. Surely my seven days are almost over. What was I thinking?

Big news, though. Baseball season starts this week! Bobo has his first practice on Thursday and Bear has his on Friday. RC is coaching Bobo's team which is sponsored by the radio station. Very cool.

The season will last for all of May and June and be finished before July 4th. We are going to be crazy busy for the next two months.

And about the baptism pictures. My camera is broken so Susan is going to email the ones she took. I did get it video taped but ours is a regular video camera not a digital one. I'll post them asap.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Very good day

Today was a very good day. One of those days where at the end of it you are very tired, but very happy.

Today was our church's Spring Picnic. It is held at a baptist campgrounds nearby and we eat, visit, fellowship, hike, mountain climb (only if you want to), play games, and do baptisms. That in and of itself makes for a good day, but today Bear was baptized. That makes it a very good day. For those of you out there with children who you've seen baptized you can relate. There really isn't words to describe the feelings in your heart when you watch your child make that statement of faith.

Bobo was baptized two years ago. RC was baptized literally right before him. Today, our pastor invited the parent's to help baptize their child so RC joined Bear in the water and dunked him with the pastor. My eyes are tearing up thinking about it. God is so good.

I will post pictures tomorrow. I'm going to bed, now. Tired, but happy.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


God has blessed me and my husband with wonderful families. Seriously. Both of our parents are still married to each other. (and, yes, I get that that could sound funny and be taken wrong but YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN) All our grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, sisters, and brother-in-law are amazing. Of course they're not perfect, but neither are we so it works out great for all of us. The majority of our family is christian and we were both raised in christian homes.

And God has blessed us with wonderful church families. Since we have been married we have been in five different churches in five different towns and in each one God has given us friends (family) that have left a lasting mark on our lives. Some have even remained in our lives despite our moving. Like the last two churches we were in. I believe that we made friends at both that are lifelong.

But, I just must say, ( and maybe this is because we have connected with this family so much faster than we did with any others) God has outdone Himself this time. Not that God can outdo Himself. He's the greatest. What's to outdo? Maybe it would be better for me to say that God has gone far beyond my expectations. And do you want to know something even more amazing? The wonderful relationships God is growing right now do not diminish the older relationships. They actually enhance them. God is so good like that.

We just got home (we have bathed kids and put them to bed) from hanging out with a group of our new family. Family in Christ who all have hearts fully committed to Him. Who would gladly be unknown so that Christ can be known. New like this: When someone gets married or has a baby the spouse or baby are new. The "new" family doesn't make the "old" family obsolete. Most of the time the "new" family unites the "old" family in a wonderful new way. And that is how it is for me. This new family that God has given us has increased my love for the old family. Both the ones we were born into and the ones God has given us along the way. Just as it should.

Thank You, Father. For EVERY good gift is from above. And what is greater than being adopted into the FAMILY of God. Heirs with Christ because He has taken on our sin and given us His righteousness. Bless You, Bless You, Bless You, Father.

Oops! Sorry!

I just checked my email this morning and realized I forgot to post something yesterday. And yesterday was a very postable day. My husband had a radio remote from a neighboring town. They were having a RattleSnake Derby. Apparently, this is a big deal and something they have been doing for years. When my MIL found out where RC was going she encouraged me to take the kids and told me that when RC was in 2nd grade he went to it with a friend. How cool! This first pic is just to give you an idea of what it was like. They shut down the town square to cars and filled it with booths like these. Very carnival like. They even had carnival rides but they weren't opening till that night.
Yes, Bobo is holding a rattlesnake. Don't freak out grandparents. The teeth and poison have been removed and the mouth has been sown shut. Susan (MIL) is going to try and find the picture of RC holding one when he went.
Popeye didn't want anything to do with the snakes. I'm actually surprised to see him touching it in the picture because right before taking it I was trying to get him to at least pet it and he was having none of it.
They had cages filled with rattlesnakes that DID have teeth and poison and no sowing shut of the mouth. The pic isn't great because there were two screens on the cages with about a three inch gap between. They made sure no one could stick their fingers in. Hearing all the rattles going at once was kinda freaky, and this snake was looking right at us.

This is Popeye's airbrush tattoo. Bobo got his first and he had already started when I asked if they took checks or cards and of course the answer was no. I only had a ten after the snake pictures and so only Bobo and Popeye got tattoos. Bear and Princess get a little surprise from Walmart today.
Here they are waiting for RC to finish his remote so we could go eat lunch together. It was a really fun day and we learned that if a rattle snake has less than four rings on it's rattle then it is a girl, if it has more than four rings on it's rattle then it's a boy, and if it has four rings on it's rattle then it could be either. Don't go to court on that, but it's what one of the guys there told us. And just in case you haven't tried this already, you can click on the pictures and they will get really big and easier to see.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I got the idea for this post from my blog friend April. Check out her post at Always Laughing out Loud and make sure to read the post right before it also. Good stuff.

Anywho...we all have those things that make us, us. Those things that probably only those who really know and love us know about. So, in an effort to help us all get to know each other better here are some of RC's and my quirks.

I would rather make my own food. No one quite knows the right ratio of cereal to milk, or peanut butter to bread, etc. While my husband thinks everything tastes better when someone else fixes it for him.

When I'm done with my gum I swallow it. RC keeps the wrapper in his pocket and rewraps it.

I sleep with my Bible next to my heart while tucked under my body pillow.

I like to step out of the shower to dry off. RC stays in the shower to dry off. Neither of us understand the other on this one.

RC never starts a meal without a napkin. I don't worry about a napkin till I need one. Or until RC brings me one.

After I have gone to bed for the night, if at any time I must get out of bed I also must go to the bathroom before getting back into bed. Even if I had just gotten out of bed 2 minutes earlier.

The list could go on. And on. And on. And no I didn't list the really crazy ones. I want you all to still like me.=) So, please share some of those things that make you, you and we can all laugh at/with each other.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Things

I had my first spam comment. Yup. It's on the last post, check it out but don't really check it out. So...I have changed the way we do comments on here now. You will have a word verification and I will have to approve all comments before they will be seen on the blog. I know it's more work for all of us, but this is the way it must be. And, NO, this post isn't just about spam comments.

I have noticed that lately my blog has seemed to have a serious/negative/bummed vibe. At least from the comments I'm getting (some people respond via email) that is the way it is coming across. Well, when you aren't with me in person on a regular basis I can see how it would seem that way. The reality is that I only share a VERY SMALL portion of my life on the blog and I guess that lately I have shared the struggles more than the joys. So...for the next 7 days I am going to blog everyday and give you all a better idea of my life.

Day 1.

Today it is storming. I enjoy a cloudy rainy thunderstormy day every once in a while. As I am typing the kids are making tents in the living room out of every blanket we have. This is quite a luxury as I usually confine the tent making to the bedrooms but due to the weather and the fact that we won't be playing outside today the living room it is. And yes, we have already finished morning school.

I have a friend who has five children. Four boys and a girl. She works in the home full time with a small side business. Just recently our pastor and his family purchased some new sofas so they gave their sectional sofa to my friend. It is wonderful and fits in her living room perfectly. Plus, it is much newer and more modern than her old sofas. Because of this gracious gift my friend and her family had a garage sale to get rid of the old furniture. Well, my friend has a large family and had been asking God for a large dining table they could all fit around. A few days later at a school thing ( I can't remember what it was, maybe a baseball game ) she was asking some women if they knew of any places to buy dining furniture at good prices. One of the women said "I have a dining table and six chairs I will sell you." My friend has seven people in her family, but the woman had bought it at a local store and my friend could purchase two more matching chairs from the store. My friend was able to purchase the table and eight chairs for much less than they made at the garage sale and it looks fabulous in her house.

I tell you all this because I have been asking God for a new dining table also. Not for the same reasons however. My house is small (we think around 1200sq ft) and the table I had was too big for my dining space. Just this weekend the opportunity for a smaller table that is in the family was available. It works and didn't cost us a thing. I do hope to purchase slip covers for the chairs and to build a little bit bigger top for it, but frankly I'm thrilled and God is honored!
Also, a couple of weeks ago, Bobo was looking through one of RC's music catalogs and decided he wanted a drum set. I encouraged him to ask God for it. He immediately went to his bedroom and prayed. When he returned he told me he had asked God and I had to explain that it may take some time. Well, my friend, who just got the new sofa and table, has very musically gifted sons. The second oldest has a drum set that he is talking to us about bringing to our house and keeping here for a little while. (he and RC really enjoy hanging out and playing music) Saturday night at the Curvine concert my friend's son came up to Bobo and Bear and was talking to them about drumming and bringing the drum set over. (he has been giving them exercises to practice) After he left, Bobo sat next to me and said, "Maybe this is the way God is giving me a drum set." My heart leaped for joy! That Bobo would be perceptive enough to recognize a gift from God even when it isn't how he expected. No, God didn't give him a drum set, or give him the money to buy himself one, or give his parents the money to buy him one. But God is bringing a drum set to him to practice and learn on and he is grateful. And so am I.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Something about Sundays

This weekend was nice. Our youth at church had special activities and since RC is in charge of running the sound he was up there with them all weekend. There is a traveling group from Christ for the Nations Institute that puts on special weekends for youth groups. They call it Youth for the Nations. Also, a christian rap recording artist named Curvine came with them. My four kids and I went to Curvine's concert Saturday night and had a blast! Bobo has been rhyming everything ever since. They also lead everything this morning at worship. It was geat!

Also, this morning some friends of ours from a neighboring town suprised us by showing up at church! What a blessing. We went out for lunch after and had a great visit.

This is what I find exciting: The Word spoken over the Women's Retreat, the man with the gift of healing that was at our church a couple weeks ago, and the speaker for Youth for the Nations all talked about becoming Warrior's and about the battle we are called to. None of these people are connected or socialize. THE SPIRIT is telling us something! He is making sure we get it! When the Holy Spirit is saying the SAME thing through different and unconnected people we need to perk up our ears and pay attention. The people and the ministries are different, but it is the same Holy Spirit and when He is telling most everyone the same thing it is because it is IMPORTANT!

Anywho...I have been much better the last five days. I feel stronger and more capable to handle those type of situations now having gone through the struggle and come out better for it! God is so good and my heart's delight!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Body

I mentioned in my previous post the battle I have fought since the beginning of last week. I was unsure about some things. I had received some information and didn't know quite how to process it. Because of this, Satan was able to come in and confuse me. Yes, I tried reading the Word and praying for clarity. The funny thing was that I was feeling condemnation over something I hadn't done, but wasn't really sure I was supposed to do in the first place.

Well, because of the special services on Monday and Tuesday last week we didn't have Life Group. So this Wednesday was our first Life Group since all that. Praise God for Life Group! In choosing to share my struggles God gave me much insight through the responses I got. What a HUGE blessing to have others who have gone farther in their walk with Christ that are willing to share their experiences and wisdom.

I know I talk alot about the importance of being an active part of the Body and particularly a small group, but this past week has been a perfect example of why it is so important. Without that help from them I could have sat in confusion or condemnation far to long. And Satan would have had a field day with me. But, thanks be to God, for pressing us to be a part of a church that takes doing this thing together very seriously. Otherwise, who knows where we would end up.

Yes, once again, I am encouraging you to step out and become a part of a church and a small group that takes following The Way seriously. (but has fun while doing it) We CAN NOT do this alone. That is why God gave us Himself and also told us to be the body. Working together for others and for each other to glorify the One Most Worthy.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not too chatty

It's been almost a whole week since I last posted. Hmmm. I guess I'm just not that chatty right now. Honestly, I only share a small portion of my life here on the blog and I just haven't had that much to share lately.

Some family stuff: both Bobo and Bear are very good at riding their bikes without training wheels now. We spend most afternoons outside and they rarely get off them. Princess loves to sing and I feel confident that God has gifted her musically. Popeye's hair seems to get redder by the minute. He was my blond baby, but not anymore.

Some random stuff: I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow and then on Friday will color it. And, yes, I'm keeping the blue. We're planning a trip to Sea World San Antonio in May! Wahoo! I just finished reading Pride and Prejudice for the first time ever. My favorite movie of all time is Pride and Prejudice (starring Keira Knightly sp?) and I finally got around to reading the book. It was great and I believe the movie did it justice.

Some God stuff: Last week Satan attacked me hard. I felt beaten down and frustrated. Then on Monday I woke up in a bad mood. Everyone else suffered because I didn't do anything about it. So on Tuesday when I woke up in the same mood I decided enough was enough. I put in my Hillsong DVD and praised God. Then I cleaned my living room. Then I put on a Beth Moore DVD I have and watched the lesson on wisdom. Good stuff. After lunch I put on a CD of the sermon our Pastor gave on Eastor that I hadn't heard yet, because I worked in the nursery that morning. I was determined to saturate myself with the Word and force the bad mood to leave. It worked and God spoke something to me that I desperately needed to hear.

God has been doing a mighty work in my life over the past year. He has freed me from some strongholds and filled me with His power like never before. My life looks different and my attitude usually does too. Well, I was really down after this last week mainly because Satan was trying to convince me that all the work in me God had done this past year was for naught. That I had somehow in the matter of a day backtracked to where I was last year. God spoke very clearly into my spirit that Satan was bluffing. The changes that God has made in me are not so very insignificant that they can be gone in a day. Of course, if I choose to walk in the flesh day after day over a period of time the changes will not hold any power simply because I chose not to live in that power. But I have not, nor will I ever make that choice. I chose to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit every day, every hour, every minute for as long as God allows me to live.

I don't feel like I'm doing a good job of getting my point across. I want this to bring hope to someone today who has let Satan try to convince them that they are no different or that they can't ever change. The TRUTH is that when you have the Holy Spirit living in you, you ARE a new creation. NOT: you will be. The old has gone, the new has come. Yes, some change takes time and effort, some change happens supernaturally, but God has made you different and just because you happen to react in the old way one time doesn't mean you have blown it. Paul talks about running the race and finishing well and this picture just came to me: When I mess up I have fallen down in the race. I get up and continue on from there. I don't go back to the starting line and start all over. God has brought me this far in my race and yes, last week I fell down, but I got up and I am continuing on. Not starting over. The changes that God has made in me are still changed. I'm still a new creation and so are you. So, If you haven't already, get up. Get up and continue on and don't listen to the lies of the enemy. God has done a work in you that even you yourself can't mess up that easily.

There is one word for what Satan was trying to pull with me last week: CONDEMNATION. And there is one scripture that I need to say in his face to shut him up. Memorize it and USE IT.

Romans 8:1 There is therefore now NO CONDEMNATION for those who are in Christ Jesus.
Verse 2 is great too: For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and of death.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Warrior Within

My husband posted on Beyond Sundays so make sure and check it out!

Things are getting serious. God is ready to move in a mighty way and He is looking for followers who are willing to give it all.

The beginning of this week was very intense for me. On Sunday morning we had a guest speaker in our church who has the gift of healing. But, last year God told him to give his gift away. So since then he has been imparting the gift of healing to others and then letting them actually do the healing. Honestly, this was my first experience with anything like this. And it was nothing like what I had seen on tv. There was no loud yelling, running all over the stage, waving a hanky, sweat dripping all over, and people either fainting or being pushed over. It was very calm, normal, and at times a little boring. Praise God! Not once did Paul Costa (guest speaker) heal someone. His purpose was to give his gift away and that is what he did. We saw some wonderful things (God healed many people) and the thing I liked the most was that at the end of Tuesday night (last night of his visit) Paul imparted the gift of healing to everyone there that wanted it. The character of Jesus that I understand wouldn't want it any other way. It isn't God's design for only a select few to do wonderful things for Him. God gives everyone who believes the Holy Spirit and expects them all to do the miraclulous. So why don't we?

I am completely convinced that there is a spirit of unbelief in the church in America. We have fallen prey to this spirit mostly because we don't know God well enough to believe Him. How sad. God has given us everything we need to know and believe Him. HIS WORD. Yet so very few of us use it. I don't trust people I don't know so what makes me think I will trust God without knowing Him? WE HAVE TO KNOW OUR GOD!!!!!!! Paul the apostle says in 2 Timothy 1:12 "That is why I am suffering as I am. Yet I am not ashamed, BECAUSE I KNOW WHOM I HAVE BELIEVED, and am convinced that He is able to guard what I have entrusted to Him for that day. Do you know our God? NOT: Do you know about our God?

Also, I believe we have fallen prey to the spirit of unbelief because we have gotten fat and lazy. Frankly, we never exercise our faith. James 2:17 says "In the same way, faith by itself , if it is not accompanied by action, is dead." What action must accompany faith so that it is alive? The same kind of action that Jesus took. Trusting God with our lives even when it isn't comfortable or easy. Putting ourselves out there to share the gospel. Healing the sick and clothing the poor. But, honestly, how many of us really exercise our faith? How many of us only exercise our faith when we have nothing else and then find that it is so very weak due to the lack of exercise.

WAKE UP CHURCH!!! (and I mean this for myself more than anyone else) Let's not miss it!

On Tuesday Satan launched an assault on my faith. Monday night at the church Paul imparted to me and Bobo the gift of healing. Satan wasted no time in attacking. And I can't say I was that prepared. After telling RC how I felt and crying alot, I read Jude and 2 Timothy 1. Jude verse 3 begs us to fight for our faith. The message paraphrase says to fight with everything we have in us for our faith. If it is the thing that we cannot please God without then it is the thing Satan most wants to take from us. And unfortunately, in most churches he has succeeded. In most christians he has succeeded.

NO MORE!!! We are more than conquerors in Christ (Romans 8:37) and we need to start acting like it! Let's take up our swords (the Word of God) and let's fight!!! Even if it's to the death, because our God has conquered the grave and death has lost it's sting! I am begging you (and myself) let's fight with everything we have for our faith! Let's let God rise up the warrior within us and let's do this! For the One who gave it all for us!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

What I have received, I give to you...

A man whom God has given the gift of healing is visiting our church today through Tuesday. Besides getting to witness God's mighty power bringing healing to many people I am getting to witness the gift of healing being imparted to others. I am asking God if it's also for me and I believe it is. Two conditions must be met to receive spiritual gifts:
1. we must desire the gifts - 1 Cor. 12:31
2. we must ask for the gifts - Luke 11:11-13

I desperately desire! I desperately desire to see God's Glory!!!! I desperately desire FAITH! For without faith it is impossible to please God. I desperately desire to please God!

Oh, Father, you are so much beyond our imagination. Forgive me for thinking so small. I want others to believe! I want to see you magnified, glorified, praised and adored! I want everything You want for me, for us, for this world.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Nate, Tricia, and Gwyneth

As I am typing this Tricia is in the OR getting her new lungs. Today is Nate's 27th birthday. What a present! Nate and Tricia have always been aware that for Tricia to have life someone has to have lost theirs. Please check out their site and pray for them and the donors family. http://www.cfhusband.blogspot.com/

Dancing with the Stars (or sister, whatever)

Updates and stuff

It's after nine pm and I'm rather tired, but really want to post this stuff so anywho...
The potty training isn't going so great. I was pretty sure at the time I last posted about it that I was speaking too soon and sure enough. The novelty of big girl panties and going on the big potty has worn off and now she is only going on the potty when she wants to. Which I'm completely over trying to determine when she wants to, so right now we are back to diapers, but still going on the potty. Yes, it probably is confusing her b/c it's confusing me, but frankly, my plan was to wait and do this during the summer when I don't have to be busy with lessons. If she doesn't get potty trained before then fine by me. =)

The pics are of some workbook schooling this morning. Princess was drawing 'puppies' and Popeye opted for school work on the couch.

The last one is of my blue hair. I ran outside and snapped a pic myself, then ran back inside and put on some lip gloss, then ran back outside and snapped the one you see. I tried the whole serious look thing and I can't pull it off. I'm just not cool like that.=)