Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oh, To Be 31 Again

Oh, to be 31 again!
That seems so long ago!
Before all those grey hairs
And wrinkles started to show!

Oh, to be 31 again!
How that was a fun time!
My spouse was still aroused
Since I was in my prime!

Oh, to be 31 again!
It seems so much has changed!
Yes, every time I come home,
My house is rearranged!

Oh, to be 31 again!
Young and full of energy!
When I could sing and dance
And not have to ice down my knee!

Oh, to be 31 again!
Now I feel so old!
I didn't think I really was
But that is what I'm told!

Oh, to be 31 again!
My kids were younger, too!
Now every time I blink
They've grown an inch or two!

Oh, to be 31 again!
I wrote this poem to say!
Don't let Bridget off the hook;
She turns 31 today!


Friday, February 26, 2010

Why Haven't I Been Doing This All Along?

Seriously, people.

Why haven't I been spending the $5.oo it costs to have a beautiful centerpiece that makes me smile when I pass by it? It is even more obvious to me when I have fresh plants and flowers in my house why God created a garden for us to live in. It really does something for your soul to be around such beauty.
And I really love that our flowers are right in the middle of our everyday lives.
P.S. Make sure and come back on Monday for the Princess Room Reveal!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Head on Pillow.

She's becoming more human everyday. And I'm sure she's wandering what all the fuss is about considering she sees us laying down like this everyday.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lighting the Way

Lamps have been getting a makeover at my house lately. This lamp used to be on my desk until it got a new home in Princess' bedroom.
I'm gonna change the white ribbon out for white gimp. The ribbon doesn't lay flat like the gimp will. This fabric is actually from my sister's house. She gave me the leftovers from her curtains. I love it. The green is very similar to the green on the walls in Princess' room and it looks fabulous with her main fabric!
This is the lamp in the dining room.
It came from Ikea. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either. It's just a little too plain for me.
Notice the new curtains. They're faux silk. I love them.
Here's the shade after I added a little gimp. I had actually taped the gimp around a different lamp in my living room and loved it, but decided that the dining room fixture needed it more. It's a tiny change, but I love how it makes the fixture look so much more finished. It's just enough of a small detail. I just measured up from the bottom and down from the top one inch and drew a line with a pencil. Then I glued the gimp on with hot glue. It's not perfectly straight, but it's much better than I could do free hand. And from a normal distance, not a camera close-up, you can't see the imperfections as well. The gimp is a deep blue-green. One of my favorite colors.I love it when a small change makes a big difference.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Doing Double Duty

Have I mentioned that we live in a small house?

Remember - six people in 1200 sq. ft.

Things are tight.

However, the problem-solving and creative solutions thrill me.


Ask Husband. He knows that when I'm sitting in a room and it appears that I'm doing nothing, if you look really closely you can see the faint cloud of smoke coming out of my ears and know that the wheels are turning.

Things have been in a bit of an upheaval lately. As you know, Husband started a new job with the new year and now works from home. We set up his office in our bedroom because he needed a quite place to work and since the kids and I do school in the dining and living room that really was the best place.


It made me crazy.

Not kidding.

Along with our small house comes a small master bedroom. About 12x12. And since the small bedroom comes with a small closet we have to have a dresser in the bedroom. We already sleep on a full-sized bed to help everything fit and now we are adding a desk and chair. Ugh.

Basically, since Jan 1 the room has been arranged four different ways. I just could not get comfortable in there. And I know that some of you are probably thinking, "You rearrange your house all the time. What are you squawking about this for?" Folks, I don't rearrange the same room four times in 60 days. AND before we added the desk to the room it had been the same way for over a year. I was loving the setup.

And honestly it wasn't just the master bedroom. The whole house was feeling out of balance to me. Bobo's bedroom was just Bobo's bedroom.


You see, every bedroom in our house does double duty except Bobo's. Princess' room is also the guest bedroom. Popeye and Bear's room is also the play room. Hub's and my bedroom is also his office. But Bobo's bedroom was just Bobo's bedroom. I needed it to do more.

So Husband and I started brainstorming possible solutions. Maybe we could move his office back into the 'batcave' and he and Bobo could just share the space. Husband doesn't bring clients into his office so it looking like an eleven year old's bedroom wasn't really an issue. Or maybe we could work our schedules out so we could put the desk back into the living room. Then the kids and I would do school in the morning and Husband could makes phone calls in the afternoon. Except, have you tried keeping four kids in one room of a house and quiet when it is cold and rainy for days on end?


Suffice it to say, none of our ideas where feeling quite right.

On Saturday we took a family trip to L-town for a little shopping. Bear needed some new jeans and Husband had a new suit to pick up. We decided to try to think outside the box while we were shopping and hopefully come up with a solution to our master bedroom/office problem.

It wasn't until we were almost home from our shopping trip that Husband had an idea. He wasn't really sure if I would like it and it did take me a few minutes of thinking it through before I loved the idea.

His idea was:

To move our schooling into Bobo's room.

Yes, really, that's it. But when I let it marinate in my mind it's brilliance was evident. You see, our school supplies are located in the hall closet. I have to get everything out and bring it to the table for school and then put it away when we are done. If I forget something I have to pause and leave the table to go get it. While I didn't realize this wasn't the most ideal situation, I guess I just figured it was my only option because of the size of our house.

Not any more.

Sunday afternoon Husband helped me rearrange everything for our new classroom. It works brilliantly. The desk is big enough for two of us to work at at a time and the shelves directly above it are big enough to keep everything within reach. We did school today and I NEVER HAD TO LEAVE THE DESK. Nor did I have to get everything out first and then pack it all away after.

I am loving this.

Of course, now I must paint the room. Right now three walls are a dusty dark blue. I'm thinking a light, bright green. And we are considering changing Bobo's twin bed for a full sized futon. That way we can use it as a couch during the day and Bobo will have a bigger bed at night. We've already found the one we want. =)

We have our master bedroom finally set up in an arrangement that I can live with. We solved that problem by removing the slipper chair we had in there (it's in the living room now) and putting the desk in it's place. Now the room is practically the same way it was before it inherited an office just with a desk instead of a big chair.

And now the house feels much more balanced to me. Every one's bedroom is doing double duty.

Just as it should be.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Meet Millicent Pearl

We got a cat on Tuesday. Her name is Millicent Pearl.
We decided on Millicent Pearl (Milli for short) for two reasons. 1. She has an M on her forehead so we wanted a name that started with M and 2. our dog is named Georgia Diamond (Gigi for short) and we wanted a name that fit with it.
Our friend said it sounded like we had two old ladies living with us. =) The more we are around her the more determined we are that Millicent fits her name perfectly. She tolerates Hubs and I, but loves the kids. She wants to be where ever they are. Wednesday night we shut all the kid's bedroom doors bc Milli kept jumping on the beds and bothering them. She slept under Hubs and my bed and cried for her kids all night long. She didn't come out from under our bed till the kids got up then she spent the morning in the kitchen with them.
Milli and Gigi aren't on speaking terms yet. Milli hides under Bear's bed while Gigi is in the house and growls at Gigi any time she dares come in to Bear and Popeye's room. Wednesday Gigi felt the need to check on her kids and the intruder every few minutes, but yesterday she didn't seem to really care. She checked on Milli a few times but mostly spent her time wherever I was.
The kids love Milli and keep telling us how much they love having a cat. I guess we're gonna have to change our 'about' section of the blog now.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

There's an Abundance of Old People.

We were driving home from Walmart the other day.

On the route we take to get from Walmart to our house we pass the Assisted Living Center that Nana lives in. It is actually a complex of buildings including a Nursing Home.

They are in the process of building a new building in the complex and as we passed by Bobo thought out loud:

"So, they're adding extra rooms for the extra old people."

I chuckle evey time I think about it.

What a blessed generation we are to have old people in abundance.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Family Bowling Night

We had a family bowling night.
Bear had to tell Granddad something very important.
The kids love to bowl. And they have their coats on cause it was a little chilly in the bowling alley. Husband was all business. This was me playing with my camera. Popeye's mandatory 'smiling with the bowling ball' shot. Grandma's. We ate lots of pizza. Look at that form. The boys were great with helping Princess by moving the ramp for her. We also drank lots of sprite. And chilled by the hand dryer. Princess saw me taking pictures of Granddad and felt the need to stick her head in. I'm glad she did. Granddad's. More playing with the camera. I really should crop this photo. But, honestly, just getting the photos downloaded onto my computer and then this blog is enough work for me. The Grands. Husband felt the need to hijack the camera and take pictures of me. My glasses make my face look funny. Or maybe that's just the way it really looks. Princess had a mini melt down. Husband decided to join her. More stories for Granddad. Sillies.
Is that a word? I have hardly any pictures of my husband smiling like a normal person. The 'hair blowing in the hand dryer' picture. Lovely. He loves Grandma.Princess loves getting her picture taken. Chillin. The Crew. The Crew II.
Peace out,
B-girl Babi-1

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Little Ray of Sunshine

I've had this ceramic pitcher sitting empty on my dining table for a month now.
I finally got around to buying some fresh flowers and chose yellow tulips with the help of Princess. They are very much a little ray of sunshine on these cold, gray, winter days.