Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Maybe. I like the movie, so I think about it from time to time. Ask my wife about Pride and Prejudice. I've been re-reading my previous post. Man, the movie is good. God has given me a mind for things. I think part of it is discernment in areas that not everybody sees. Sometimes when I read scriptures, things just leap out at me. At first it was quite frightening, but I've developed cat-like reflexes. I can also see things in movies, tv shows, songs, books. Even a dream or two. Allow me to draw from the movie a little more.

WARNING: If you haven't seen The Dark Knight, and would like to, then take caution in reading on; I may spoil a few things for you. Also, if you haven't seen it, and can't get anybody to go with you, buy my ticket and I'm there. I don't know if my wife will let me buy any more.

Not only is the movie great allegory for the fight between good and evil, I can see Batman as a Christ-figure. No, Batman did not, nor does he, die on a cross for our sins. No, he is not God's only son. No, it is not a perfect representation; there is only one of those. I shall now explain:

In the movie, Harvey Dent is seen as Gotham's white knight. He is the new district attorney, and he is taking a stand against corruption and the mob. The mob comes after him. The Joker gets to him. He loses a very dear loved one, half his face, and his mind. He becomes "Two-Face". He ends up killing a few people. Batman inadvertently kills him.

Jim Gordon and Batman are down and almost out. The Joker "took the best of us and tore him down," says Gordon. Batman says the people must never know what Dent did. Batman tells Gordon to say that he (Batman) killed those people. That he can be whatever Gotham needs him to be. In order to sustain the reputation of Gotham's white knight, Gotham's dark knight becomes the "bad guy". Sounding familiar yet?

"God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God." - 2 Corinthians 5:21

Batman basically said to put it all on him. Gordon says they'll have to chase him. Batman says he can handle it. Jesus took on our sin. We chased and crucified him. He handled it. In fact, Gordon's son says, "why's he running, Dad?" "Because we have to chase him." "But he didn't do anything wrong." Gordon then goes into a great little speech about being "the hero Gotham deserves but not the one it needs right now."

Jesus didn't do anything wrong. He is the hero mankind needed and needs. Now and forever. Do we deserve it? No. But that's the gift of grace. Did Dent's reputation deserve being spared. Not necessarily, but the hope of Gotham depended on it. The hope of the world depends on Christ. More than a white or dark knight. He is THE TRUE KING!

Obsessed? Sure. But not with what you think. Just the King and His stories.

The Rubix Cube

Bobo has been loaned a rubix cube. He has had it since Sunday and plays with it ALOT. Well, he took it to life group tonight to give it back to the owner. The owner 'fixed' it for him and told him he could keep it till Sunday.

Bobo messed it up again and couldn't figure it out quickly so he asked the owner for help one more time. The owner fixed it part way so that Bobo could finish it.

In the car on the way home this was the conversation:

Bear:(from the backseat) Mom, Bobo is crying.

soft sobbing heard that is getting louder

Me: Bobo, what's wrong?

Bobo:(between sobs) Well, when I asked Solomon to fix the rubix cube for me again he only fixed it part way and didn't fix it all the way to the easy part and I can't figure it out.

Me:(pause with puzzled look on my face) So you're mad at Solomon and that's why you're crying?

Bobo:(still sobbing) No, I'm crying because I can't figure it out. (more sobbing)

Me:(understanding now) Bobo, tonight at life group, Diane (Solomon's mom), told me that Solomon got on the internet and found a site that shows you how to fix the rubix cube. Maybe next week you and I can get on there and find a site that can show you how to do it.

*I have to add that we discussed the waiting till next week and I realized that there wasn't any reason WHATSOEVER to wait till next week so we will more than likely be looking it up tomorrow. Lesson in thinking before you speak.

So the sobbing stopped and I felt so confident in my mothering abilities. =)

Then the kids were getting ready for bed and I was sitting at my computer reading an email when Bobo came up to me. He said, "In the car on the way home I prayed and asked God to help me figure out how to fix the rubix cube and I think that you telling me about the website that will show me how was His answer."

And with my eyes tearing up I agreed with him that that was indeed God answering his prayer.

And I stepped back and placed my confidence back in my God who predestined a conversation between friends to happen onto the subject of the rubix cube and the way her son learned how to fix it because He knew a precious little heart-broken-over-his-inability-to-fix-the-rubix-cube boy would cry out to Him in his distress and He would be faithful to give him an answer.
I cried out to the Lord, and He answered me from His holy mountain. Psalm 3:4 NLT


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Husband

I've been telling my husband that he needs to start his own blog since I started this one.

He finally took my advice.

He is the gifted speaker/writer in our family. Seriously, he comes up with stuff that blows my mind. I really think his brain is somehow different from the rest of us. Like he has parts we don't, or uses parts we don't.


We have a room in our house that has all our musical instruments and recording equipment in it. We call it The Batcave. It has dark blue carpet and dark blue walls and if I had a camera I would totally take a picture of it, but alas, I will just have to leave it up to your imagination.

And yes, this has something to do with RC's blog.

So, go check out his new blog and say 'hi'.

You'll be blessed, I promise.


Storm's Coming

As I sit to write this morning, a nice little storm system is rolling in from the west. A little thunder, but nothing too severe. We need the rain.

Have you seen The Dark Knight yet? 3 times, here. It's simply the way things have worked out: 1st time with my dad and a few buddies, 2nd time with a couple different buddies including my boss, and 3rd time with my mom, sis, and bro-in-law. Wife hasn't seen it yet, so maybe there's a 4th time in there somewhere - if I can talk her into it.

The movie is that good. It paints a vivid picture of how chaotic and hopeless evil can make the world seem. There just comes a point in the movie when it all seems pointless to go on. Reminds me of our non-movie world. Evil, when left unchecked, can sustain a great level of chaos, anarchy, hopelessness, hate. But neither in the movie, nor in real life, is evil left unchecked.

Batman, Gordon, and Dent, with the help of others, stage an epic "battle for Gotham's soul" against the Joker and others (don't want to spoil the movie for those who haven't seen it yet) in the movie. Jesus Christ won an even bigger battle, the war in fact, for all mankind's soul in our world. IN OUR WORLD.

But as the movie points out, evil doesn't go down without a fight. That would be our enemy. He's lost the war, but he's bound and determined to take down all that he can before he goes. "Some men just like to watch the world burn," says Alfred. So, Satan has unleashed his hounds. The closer we get to Christ's return, the worse it's going to get. "It's always darkest before the dawn." Jesus is on His way back. But... He's not here yet.

So, that leaves the church, the body of believers in this world, as the guardians of culture. Frankly, we've done a poor job. However, "the Holy Ghost would never suffer the imputation to rest upon His holy name that He was unable to convert the world." (Charles Haddon Spurgeon) So, we, like Batman, must stage an epic battle with evil. The good news is, we've already won, and we fight with the power of the Holy Spirit. God equips us for the fight. The daunting news is, this is an everyday battle. Just like the movie seemed ongoing and almost hopeless at times, life can feel that way, too. But, remember the good news. We must fight for our culture. We must redeem this world. It is, after all, the one in which we live.

Satan will continue to put up his fight. But not easily. The Joker was a formidable foe for Batman. We have one, too. And just like the movie, the forces of good were starting to hurt the forces of evil, so they struck back. As we advance the Kingdom of God, the enemy will strike back. He will bring the storm. But we're covered. The storm's coming. I, for one, want to face it head on. Let's roll.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Susan!!!

Today is my mother-in-law's birthday! Woohoo!

Frankly, I couldn't have asked for a better mother-in-law. Susan, You Rock! And we love living next door!

I ask for a wonderful day full of blessings for Susan. Please make Your Presence very real to her and shower her with Your love and grace. Thank you for putting her in my life. In the powerful name of Jesus, Amen.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Doctor's In

I have a cough.

It prefers to come in groups of fifty or more.

OK, so that's exaggerating a little. I cough consistently throughout the day and occasionally have what I refer to as coughing fits. So far, my inhaler is the only thing that works to stop the fits.

I haven't slept through the night in over a week. I am VERY tired and just a little cranky.


I have managed to repaint two walls in my house.

Priorities, people.

Then today I went to the doctor. She gave me some nose spray because she believes the coughing is due to post nasal drip. And when she asked if there was anything else I wanted, I replied, "sleep". To which she graciously wrote a prescription for some heavy duty cough syrup to be taken at night.

I returned home, put on a movie for the kids, and fell asleep on the couch. My husband came home at noon, fixed the kids lunch, and started the dish washer. I moved to the bed and don't remember anything else till 1:30 when I was awakened by yet another coughing fit.

Talking makes it worse so I'm thinking of taking a vow of silence for the next few days.

And making all the kiddos participate as well. ;-)

Like I could make that happen. My kids will talk to a brick wall if they think it's listening.


here's to a good night's sleep.


Friday, July 18, 2008

THE Camera

A few months ago my camera called it quits. My MIL's camera did the same shortly after. (We had the same kind.) A good friend of mine graciously lent me her old camera and allowed me to keep it for quite a while.

However, I began searching for my replacement camera. I came across what I thought might be THE ONE. Now, mind you, THE ONE is what I would get if price was not a factor. It is, in my understanding, the perfect camera for an amateur to learn on.

It is the NIKON D40

In May, at a birthday party, I discovered that my friend, Jenni, had one! She let me take a few pics and has offered to take some pics of the kids for me.

The other day we went swimming with Jenni and her kiddos and she brought THE camera. Here are a couple of the pics she took. Man, this camera rocks!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008


Andrea, my dear, I am so blessed to have you as a sister! You bring so much joy into my life, and I always look forward to spending time with you. I really wanted to post the picture of you and me at Christmastime with bows on our heads but my scanner isn't working right now. You are so stinkin cute in that picture that everytime I look at it I laugh out loud.

I found this picture on my computer in a folder titled Kara's pics. (Kara is the youngest sister, for those who don't know). I am guessing that you took this of yourself.=) The one right after it is of your eye really close up. Remeber when you liked doing that?

Well, that wasn't where I was planning on going with this post.

Frankly, you rock as a sister! You are so cool, so genuine, so loving, so funny, so smart, and so very beautiful! I love seeing you with my children and they love aunt AJ!

I am very excited for your upcoming plans! I know God has great things in store for you. Just remember: the best way to experience those great things is to do things God's way in God's time!

I love you, sister!!!


Home Sweet Home

We got home on Saturday, but it has taken me a few days to recover enough to blog in complete sentences.

Hence, you just now hearing from me.

I did a horrible job of taking pictures, meaning I didn't take any. So... you will have to rely on my amazing ability to describe everything in great detail so it is like you are looking at a picture.


I'm still in recovery mode and really don't have much to say, yet, except that God used this week to really spark some things in Bobo and Bear.

Another really cool thing God did was He spoke something to me while in Branson and also spoke the same thing to RC while in Altus. It is so exciting when God speaks but when He confirms what He says by saying it to others it really just blows my mind. It wasn't anything big (we're not moving or changing jobs or anything like that), it was guidance and direction for our family.

Anywho...the trip was wonderful, we had so much fun, the kids are still talking about it, and I'm still exhausted.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We're in Branson!

Yesterday, the kids and I drove to Branson, MO for a vacation with my parents and sisters! RC wasn't able to come do to a little thing we call a job. You know, providing for the fam and all.

We are staying in a really great condo. Today we went to Silver Dollar City and got to meet Bob and Larry! Tomorrow evening we are going to a dinner show and then two shows on Thursday and then home on Friday! We are having a blast!

Friday, July 4, 2008

What was I thinking?

So, if you read the previous post and then the comments attached to the Baseball Correction post you will learn that my friend April invited, nay dared me, to post a picture of myself in a swimsuit. I took the challenge. But part of the deal was April posting a picture of herself in a swimsuit too. (And, anyone else with a blog is more than welcome to take the dare also, just leave a comment with your blog address so we all can check it out!=))

Unfortunately, I totally chickened out. My problem wasn't so much with posting, it was with asking someone to take the picture. Seriously, the reason I can't post one is because I couldn't work up the guts to have someone take one in the first place.

This is as close as I got. Thankfully, I checked April's post before I wrote this one and she totally chickened out too. So...we're gonna try again, because we are nothing if not gluttons for punishment. Kidding. Kind of. Mom and Princess.
Bobo making waves. No, I didn't forget to rotate it. This is exactly how I took it.
I could seriously just eat him up. Yummy.
My Sea Princess.
We bought the movie The Little Mermaid yesterday and watched it for the first time this morning. They loved it and Princess likes her swimsuit even more now. And the matching goggles.
We swam all afternoon. Had friends come over for dinner and more swimming. Then had more friends join us for desert and fireworks. RC got a gift certificate for some firecrackers so we went out to the outskirts of town and shot them off. It was great because we could see all the other fireworks going off around town. We all had a blast and a really great 4th of July!
God, bless the USA!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


We had some friends come over and swim today. RC's parents (our neighbors) have an above ground pool in their backyard. They have sunk it into the ground and built a deck around it. It is very nice. And just this summer they bought a water slide to go with it. The girls. So cute.
The boys. So big.
The Bobo. So goofy.The Popeye. So precious.

We had a blast! And yes, the moms were there also, but I know better than to post pictures of them in their bathing suits without asking first.=) (and like I would post pictures of myself in a bathing suit)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Baseball Correction

My husband has so lovingly corrected me. I apparently wasn't able to pay close enough attention during the game.

In my defense, the score board was damaged in the big storm and doesn't work so we had to keep everything straight mentally AND I had two small life forms to constantly be aware of that wanted desperately to play behind the bleachers with the big kids and would try to sneak off if I wasn't watching closely.

This is the comment left by my husband correcting me:

Sorry, Babe, the game was WAAAAYYYY closer than 7-5. It was actually 6-5. They had the tying run on first and the winning run on second. A hit could've potentially won the game for them. WAAAYYY closer than 7-5.I must note that the other team was the regular season champion. They had the best record at the end of the regular season, and did receive two trophies after the game. They got the second place tournament trophy and the first place league trophy. So, I don' feel too bad for beating them (twice!).

Now that everything is straight I will sleep better tonight.

Also, I had taken the memory stick out of the camera to download the trip pics and forgot to put it back in the camera before going to the game. Unfortunately, this camera has no internal memory so I have no pics to share.=( Lesson learned the hard way.


Baseball The End

Well, folks...


I know that is coming across as though I'm yelling it, but honestly it is said more in disbelief. After getting spanked in our very first game 21 - 4, RC said he really just wanted to win ONE game.

Then God chose to give us Koby.

We had three little pitchers. All were good put they pitched like a nine or ten year old. Koby really was in a league of his own. During the regular season we never lost a game when Koby was on the mound. He was almost unhittable and actually pitched a no hitter once. He's a lefty and a switch hitter! And he's ten!

Anywho...the playoffs come around and are lined up perfectly because you can only pitch someone for eight consecutive innings then they must take a day off. Well, we had our first game on friday, our second on Saturday, took Sunday off and then played again on Monday. So if we kept winning Koby could keep pitching.

I just have to say right here that Koby also has a very sweet countenance. Which just makes him that much more likable.

But, for some reason he just wasn't on. Now, mind you, he did a great job. But during our first playoff game he walked the bases loaded twice. The other team was getting hits. The thing was, our other players totally stepped up and played great.

On Saturday the game went into extra innings so RC had to bring one of our other pitchers in in the fifth and Jake did great! While during the regular season we relied HEAVILY on Koby, during the playoffs the kids really had to play as a team and everyone contributed.

When we won Saturday and knew we were playing for the championship on Monday we knew we had a really good chance of winning this. With the way the boys were playing and if Koby was on we would be really hard to beat.

Well, everything fell into place and we played us some baseball! We were visitors and so we came up to bat first. We scored one in the first and they came back and answered our one with two. Then in the second we scored three and shut them down. We are half way through and the score was 4 - 2. In the third we score three and they score two (7 - 4). Final inning they sit us down 1, 2, 3. They score one and have runners on first and third with one out. RC has a talk with Koby (who has been pitching great, but not at his best) and then Koby sits down the next two batters!

Everyone was so excited! And the team went to Braum's after.

Joshua's team didn't fare so well. They lost 5 - 6, but Josh got two hits and a trophy. On the way to the car he said, "This is a good day. Two baseball games, two trophies, and we're done."

Josh, I completely agree.

Oh, and I'm having camera/computer issues so I'll post pics later. (Becca, call me when you can)