Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blogging in Real Time

It's Tuesday afternoon. We actually accomplished school today for the first time in two weeks. (Yesterday we graded everything and got caught up) Also, Yesterday morning Popeye came to me and asked what he could do to help me. Not really having anything that I could think of that I wouldn't have to help him do I just threw out there, "You can make my bed." I wasn't sure if he would reply that he didn't know how, but instead he smiled and headed up stairs. What a blessing. And it never even crossed my mind to remake it. It was beautiful to me. (anyway, if I'm ok living with it unmade why wouldn't I be fine with it like this?) So, after we finished most of our school today (yes, we still need to grade math and read science) we headed to Michael's for some fun. I needed to get out and so did the kids. I gave them each a budget of $2.
Popeye found a snake that came with paint. His favorite color, too.
Princess found a horse that came with markers in pink, purple, and yellow. Every girl's dream.
Bear also got the snake. I'm gonna make him write a story about it. Bobo opted to wait till he could add his own money to the $2 and buy something a bit more pricey.

After Michael's we hit up Walmart. I'll give you two guesses as to what I bought and the first one doesn't count.


I've lived with the white walls for a week and a half and I just can't do it anymore. (it doesn't help that they are dirty and scuffed up pretty bad.)

I plan on starting tomorrow evening.



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Susan said...

I'm surprised you lasted this long! I know it will look beautiful!!!