Friday, April 8, 2011

Daddy Daughter Date Night

Chick Fillet had the brilliant idea of hosting a Daddy Daughter Date Night. When R.C. saw the advertisement he signed right up.
Princess had a blast. As did R.C.. Chick Fillet actually hired a limousine to bring the guests to Chick Fillet. When you signed up you were given a time for your date. If you wanted the free limo ride you had to be in the Best Buy parking lot 15 minutes before your time. (The Best Buy parking lot was across the street from Chick Fillet. The limo driver took a longer than necessary route to Chick Fillet, but it was still a short ride. We thought it was a really fun idea and nice touch to the evening.)

These pictures were taken by the photographer at the restaurant. I think they are priceless. This is definitely the first of many.



Susan said...

Priceless!!! Love the pics! Love you all so much!!!

keep running said...

Precious!! This is adorable!!